Wednesday, June 10, 2009


A little blogger weirdness has happened- It's probably more the user than the blogger-
But It has taken me FOREVER to get this posted. First it wouldn't let me sign in then I couldn't change my background. And then I had this Crazy playlist. I love playlists, I love to hear peoples choice of music and I think it gives me a feel for their lives. I have tried and tried to get one It never works. So I was so happy to see someone else had put one on for me till it started playing Metallic and other scary music and when I looked at it it had many songs with many four letter words on it. It took two hours of trying and finally I got it off. My hope was to save the list just exchange the songs but I couldn't. So if someone out there would like to put one back on with nice music I would love it.

So on to our trip!

Let me just start with we had SO MUCH FUN!!

I wish I had given a camera to the boys to document the time they spent with Grandma Call. They had the time of their lives. They absolutely adore her and she spoils them ROTTEN!! She took such good care of them and I never worried about them for a second I knew they were in good hands. Grandma made it through and of course said they were great and that she missed them when they left. She is the BEST grandma to us!!
Our flights were full but fine. Keasa was a great traveler(no crying on the plane which everyone appreciated.)
Kara and Jordan showed us a great time and it was SOOOO great to be with them!

The first day Kara drove us to the home of Buffalo wings where we ate yummy wings after a day of flying. Then it was to Niagara Falls. I had seen it in the winter last year, but I was so grateful to share it with Shane this time and to see it in better weather.

This was the Anchor Bar (not a Bar at all).

It rained most of the time we were there but it wasn't that cold.

I should have turned some of these. SORRY!

This was at Niagara Falls it was so awesome.

The next night we ate at the Dinosaur. It was a serious biker bar with amazing bar-b-Que.

That day Kara also took us to the Church sites.

The Hill Cumora was amazing . It is a VERY big hill in the middle of flat land. Kind-of strange.
This is looking down it.

The sacred grove was BEAUTIFUL!
Very peaceful and so different than the forests we have here. Shane and I didn't realize most of these trees didn't even exist 200+ years ago, but the forest is still the same.

I'm very grateful to have seen the room where Joseph seen the Angel Moroni

Under these very bricks the Golden Plates were hidden from the mobs. That was an awesome thing for us to really see those same places and witness for our selves the history there.

There is a feeling and witness of truth there.

This is Bolt castle on Heart island. It was the best part of the trip for me. Kara and Jordan drove us 2 hour to Thousand Islands. It is where The salad really came from. and there are really more than a thousand islands in this area. Most of the islands are built on. They are vacation homes for the mega rich. everything must be ferried in and out. Everything -waste and all. It was so fun to ride a ferry and see all the islands and the castle was amazing.I really would love to have traveled back in time just for a moment to see it as it was then.

This was the children's play house.

So here is a little of the history. Mr. Bolt married the daughter of a hotel magnate. So to say the least he was a very wealthy man. He loved his wife so much that in 1900 he bought this island for her. It was called Hart island. He had dirt and rocks brought in and shaped it like a valentine heart and then changed the name to Heart island for her. He proceeded to build her this castle. They had two or three children and lived and farmed on another island. That island produced all the meat and produce for his hotel. Building of the castle went from 1900 to 1904 when suddenly his wife died. He was so distraught that he ordered every one off the island and forbid his children to ever return. It was about 85% finished. They estimate he spent over Three hundred thousand back then. It had 365 fire places -one for every day of the year, indoor pools and at least 5 floors. It was beautiful. But for 78 years it sat unused and open to the elements. Now the harbor master owns it and they are trying to bring it back to where it was left all those years ago. How I wish I could have seen it then. What a tragic love story.

This was the hydro electric plant powered the island.
This was looking down onto the first floor it is the only floor that is back the way it was.

This is a distant picture of Heart Island

This was on our Ferry

A very Nice summer home.

This was an amazing little church in Mt.Hope cemetery. It was this Very old cemetery in Rochester. It went for blocks and blocks up and down hills. I really could have spent days there.
Some of the headstones we seen dated in the mid-1700's The history there is amazing.

Keasa LOVED Hunter and Henry They are such Great boys and always made her laugh!

Mostly Keasa Loved Aunt Kara I'm so glad They finally got to meet and cannot wait to spend more time with them ALL!
Thanks Kara & Jordan for a great time!!

We love you!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A New Do for New York

So in one week Shane and I and Keasa are flying to New York. We are so excited we can't stand it!!
I got my hair cut and colored just for the trip and summer.I absolutely LOVE it. It is so easy to do and even I can't make it look bad. my hair stylist, Emily is a saint and a magic worker!THANKS Em!!

We are so excited for the trip but mostly to spend time with Kara and Jordan and the Boys. I miss them So much and can't wait for them to meet Keasa. Thanks in advance for letting us come and all.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

PB&J is messy

This was just a cute Paxten moment I had to share. His is so funny.

And since his initials are PBJ it just makes this even better. (Paxten Bryce Jorgensen)

Okay don't hit publish befor your ready. Any way...

PB&J is messy

Working with Dad can be Hazardous

Paxten is Shane's shadow. The second Shane gets home Paxten follows he everywhere. If he could spend every second of every day in the garage with Dad he would. So with that time and in that space a few accidents are bound to occur. This one happened while on a bench and he slipped off and caught the edge of a 2x4 on his cheek. It really wasn't that bad and only one spot was actually cut open within 10 minutes it started to go black.

Having his picture taken to go on the blog made him feel much better.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our New Piano

I am so far behind it's crazy. So here is the latest. We bought a piano. It's old, it's used and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! We won it online from a charter school that was having an auction.When my grandma passed away she left all the grandchildren a small inheritance so I had it in mind that I wanted to do something lasting with it and I have ALWAYS wanted a piano. So we started searching and found this one. No one knows how to play so hopefully we can get at least one of the boys to take lessons. Cris is first up and he is very excited. Andy plays the violin and he can already play the first few lines in couple of hymns.

Hopefully this is something that will bring alot of joy and music into our home for along time to come.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Coolest House on the Block?

Our latest past time is mattress surfing. The kids LOVE it.

And it is all the neighbor kids want to do as well.
Shane had and has some issues with us running a mattress down his stairs, but the boys assured
him the smaller mattress does not hit the sides.
I guess it's all fun and games till some one breaks a bone. (Grin)